Converting Existing Servers

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Converting Existing Servers

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It is easy to switch server from CentOS 5.x, 6.x or 7.x to CloudLinux. The process takes a few minutes and replaces just a handful of RPMs.


Get <activation_key> either by getting trial subscription or by purchasing subscription.
Download script: cldeploy.
Execute sh cldeploy -k <activation_key> (if you have IP based license, execute sh cldeploy -i).


$ wget
$ sh cldeploy -k <activation_key> # if you have activation key
$ sh cldeploy -i # if you have IP based license
$ reboot


Once you have rebooted, you are running CloudLinux kernel with LVE enabled.


The script automatically detects and supports following control panels: cPanel with EA3, Plesk, DirectAdmin, InterWorx. It will install CloudLinux kernel, Apache module, PAM module, command line tools as well as LVE Manager.


ISPmanager 5 has native support for CloudLinux. To deploy CloudLinux on a server with ISPmanager 5, you would need to purchase CloudLinux license directly from ISPSystems and follow ISPmanager's deployment guide.


Note. If you are converting Hyper-V server, please, make sure you upgrade to latest CentOS 5.11, CentOS 6.7 or CentOS 7.2 first.