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cPanel LVE Manager

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To access LVE Manager via WHM interface go to Server Configuration and choose CloudLinux LVE Manager:




LVE Manger provides easy way to monitor current, real time usage:




Adjust settings for individual accounts:




View individual account usage history:





Statistics tab allows to get historical data about LVE usage.

You can get accounts with highest number of faults, or highest average/max CPU/Memory/IO/etc. usage by selecting Top LVEs. You can adjust number of LVEs in the report by selecting the number from Limit drop box.

You can get accounts that are using X% (by specifying Usage) of their Limit, by average or max CPU/Memory/etc... by selecting LVE Approaching Limits.

Fault LVE lets you select accounts that experiences issues due to hitting particular limits. You can specify minimum number of faults in the report using Threshold




From the Statistics results you can get charts for resource usage for particular LVE.




Packages tab lets you manage limits for packages. Each account belonging to a package will adhere to those limits:



Editing Package Limits is very similar to editing limits for individual account:




Options tab lets you define if LVE usage & limits will show up to end customers in cPanel interface.