inodes Limits

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inodes Limits

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[cPanel Only]


inodes Limits extension to LVE Manager allows you to set inodes limits for your customers. An inode is a data structure on a file system used to keep information about a file or a folder. The number of inodes indicates the number of files and folders an account has. inodes limits work on the level of disk quota, and will be enabled on /home partition only.


LVE Manager allows to set soft & hard IO limit.

Hard limit prevents user from writing data to disk

Soft limit can be exceeded for a period of time. The grace period can be set using: edquota -t


* Please, note that we don't collect statistical information related to inodes like we do for other LVE limits.



You can set inodes limits using LVE Manager, same way you would set other LVE Limits



The limits can be set on the level of individual account, and package:



Sometimes disk quota breaks, so do inodes limits. You can reset them through 'Options' tab, in LVE Manager:



End users can monitor their inodes usage using cPanel:



End user can also see their usage inside resource usage menu: