Integrating LVE Limits with Packages

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Integrating LVE Limits with Packages

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[lve-utils 1.4+]


CloudLinux can automatically detect most popular control panels, like cPanel -- and allows to set different limits for users in different packages.

This simplifies management -- as you don't have to choose between one limit that fits all your customers on the server, or individual limits for the customers.


If you have a custom made control panel, with your own 'package' implementation, you can still use CloudLinux framework to manage limits for your packages.


To do that, you would need:


1.Implement script that would map users <-> packages

2.Configure lvectl to use your script.


Implementing script
Script can be written in any language, and it has to be executable.

It should accept following arguments:


--list-all                        prints <userid package> pairs

Output should look like a list of space separate pairs of user linux IDs, and package names.


100 package1
101 package1
102 package2
103 package3


--userid=id                prints package for a user specified

Output should contain package name, like:





--package="package"    prints users for a package specified.

Output should look like a list of user linux IDs.




--list-packages            prints list of packages list

Output contains a list of names of packages, like:




Configuring lvectl to use your custom script


Edit file /etc/sysconfig/cloudlinux

Edit or modify parameter CUSTOM_GETPACKAGE_SCRIPT, and set it to point to your script, like:



For script example and please visit the following article: