FAQ on mod_lsapi

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FAQ on mod_lsapi

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Q: Is it compatible with EasyApache?

A: Yes, it is. EasyApache works/fully integrates with mod_lsapi.


Q: Is it compatible with PHP Selector?

A: Yes.


Q: Are .htaccess PHP directives supported? For example, mod_php like directives?

A: Yes. mod_lsapi can read php_* and php_admin_* directives.


Q: I have httpd.conf with SuExecUserGroup options. Do I need to add mod_lsapi related options for VirtualHost?

A: No need to change httpd.conf. mod_lsapi can read suPHP_UserGroup, RUidGid, SuExecUserGroup, AssignUserID parameters to determine user id under which site is running. Additionally you can use lsapi_uid_gid or lsapi_user_group as a native way to specify user / group ids.