Python and Ruby Selector

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Python and Ruby Selector

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We have the ability to deploy Python and Ruby applications via application server. Python and Ruby Selector uses mod_passenger to host Python and Ruby.


This feature is available for CloudLinux 6 or later and requires LVE Manager 0.9-1 or later. It supports only cPanel servers.


Supported Alt-Python versions:


alt-python27 2.7.9, supported by CloudLinux 5, CloudLinux 6, CloudLinux 7;


alt-python33 3.3.2, supported by CloudLinux 6, CloudLinux 7;


alt-python34 3.4.1, supported by CloudLinux 6, CloudLinux 7.


Supported Alt-Ruby versions (supported by CloudLinux 5, CloudLinux 6 and CloudLinux 7):


Alt-Ruby 1.8;


Alt-Ruby 1.9;


Alt-Ruby 2.0;


Alt-Ruby 2.1;


Alt-Ruby 2.2;


Alt-Ruby 2.3;


Alt-Ruby 2.4.