Caching and Synchronizing the Limits

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Caching and Synchronizing the Limits

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Any user of the system (including panel users) is always created with limits equal to 0. To assign him the limits of the corresponding package, the synchronization process is used.


During the synchronization, cl-quota utility reads the database file and sets the limits from it to the users and packages specified therein.

This mode is designed to set the correct limits for the new users and to restore them for the existing ones. When recovering, the current limits are neither read nor analyzed.


Caching - is writing current limits to /etc/container/cl-quotas.cache file. If cl-quota is not started from the root for reading the current limits, then it returns data from this file.


When installing LVE Manager package, a special cron job is installed, which performs synchronization and caching (cl-quota -YC) every 5 minutes. Therefore, the correct limits will be set for the user within 5 minutes from the moment of its creation.


Caching and synchronization can also be performed separately, see "CLI Options" section.