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CageFS is a virtualized file system and a set of tools to contain each user in its own 'cage'. Each customer will have its own fully functional CageFS, with all the system files, tools, etc.


The benefits of CageFS are:


Only safe binaries are available to user
User will not see any other users, and would have no way to detect presence of other users & their user names on the server
User will not be able to see server configuration files, such as Apache config files.
User's will have limited view of /proc file system, and will not be able to see other' users processes


At the same time, user's environment will be fully functional, and user should not feel in any way restricted. No adjustments to user's scripts are needed. CageFS will cage any scripts execution done via:


Apache (suexec, suPHP, mod_fcgid, mod_fastcgi)
LiteSpeed Web Server
Cron Jobs
Any other PAM enabled service


* Note: mod_php is not supported, MPM ITK requires custom patch

** Note: CageFS is not supported for H-Sphere.