General Provisions

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General Provisions

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cl-quota utility never sets/reads limits directly in the system, it uses standard setquota/repquota utilities included into the quota package for this purpose.


cl-quota will not work in the following cases:


setquota/repquota are missing or working incorrectly;


the quotas are not configured in the system.


cl-quota only performs the minimal diagnostics of quota related errors:


verifies the availability of setquota/repquota utilities on the disk;


verifies if quotas are activated for a specified user (with a separate command), see below.


quota package which contains the required setquota/repquota utilities, is not included in lvemanager package dependencies by default, and quotas activation is a long process which sometimes depends on the panel used, therefore, all the steps on quotas configuration and activation must be carried out by yourself, cl-quota does not perform these actions.


Error messages sent back to the console are extremely rare, to receive error messages use the command:


# cat /var/log/messages | grep clquota


Note that you should not set soft limit higher than hard limit. cl-quota does not control it in any way, but in some cases, the system can ban such limits combination and they won’t be set or will be set in some other way.