OptimumCache is controlled using occtl command line utility.



[-h] [--move-ploop param [param ...]] [--check] [--verbose]

[--init-ploop [param [param ...]]] [--resize-ploop New Size]

[--disable-ploop] [--enable-ploop] [--mount-ploop]

[--unmount-ploop] [--delete-ploop] [--unmark-all]

[--mark-dir Path [Path ...]] [--unmark-dir Path [Path ...]]

[--recursive]  [--add-skip-mask Regex]

[--remove-skip-mask Id|Tag] [--list-skip-mask] [--silent]

[--ignore-unmount-failure] [--no-lve-limits] [--foreground]

[--ploop-status] [--remount-cached-points] [--purge]

[--cancel-pending-jobs] [--report [Period]]



Display numbers/percents of cached files:


optimumcache stat




optimumcache stat /home


To display statistic for specific mount. In depth display what is being held in cache:


optimumcache dump [--resolve-filenames] [mount]


The option '--resolve-filenames' is experimental and may not apply to all output cached entries.


Optional Arguments:


-h, --help

Show this help message and exit.

--move-ploop param [param ...]

Move cache from one ploop image to /path/to/new/image/location [New Size[KMGT]].


Check marked files for errors. This task is scheduled as background job, unless --foreground is specified.


List what is being checked.

--init-ploop [param [param ...]]

Create ploop image for the cache [/path/to/ploop/image [ploop_size] | ploop_size] - if only one parameter is given, it is considered to be ploop size. Size should be a NUMBER[KMGT].

--resize-ploop New Size



Disable ploop.


Enable ploop.


Mount ploop image.


Unmount ploop image.


Delete ploop image. Implies disable ploop, if was enabled.


Unmark all marked directories.

--mark-dir Path [Path ...]

Mark directory for caching.This task is scheduled as background job, unless --foreground is specified.

--unmark-dir Path [Path ...]

Unmark directory for caching.


Is used with mark/unmark dir.

--add-skip-mask Regex

Regexp to skip files/directories for caching.

--remove-skip-mask Id|Tag

Remove regexp to skip files/directories by id or tag.


List regexp to skip files/directories.


Do not echo status to stdout/syslog.


Ignore cannot unmount ploop problem.


Ignore default LVE limits for --mark-dir and --check commands. Also implies --foreground.


Don't spawn --mark-dir and --check commands in background.


Check if ploop is mounted.


Purge cache storage (takes some time).


Cancel --mark-dir and --check commands if were queued or are being run in background.

--report [Period]

Report statistics for Period (hourly|daily|weekly|monthly).