Current Usage Tab

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Current Usage Tab

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Current usage table provides the information on the usage of SPEED (All), memory (MEM), data throughput (IO) (All), read/write operations per second (IOPS), number of processes (PNO), and entry processes (EP).

Resource usage data is being refreshed every 10 seconds which is set by default in Auto-refresh field. You can set Auto-refresh time by choosing the value from the drop-down. You can refresh the table manually by clicking Refresh now or you can freeze the values by clicking pause button. Usage values will not change until the next manual refresh. To unfreeze click on unpause button. The countdown will continue.


Reseller cannot manage INODE or MYSQL limits. Neither his own, nor for his users.


The bottom line star in the table displays the total reseller resource usage. It means, that all the usage of resellers’ end users and of his own is displayed as a summary for each parameter.