Custom PHP.ini options

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Custom PHP.ini options

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[Requires LVE Manager 0.6+]


PHP Selector allows customer to edit php.ini settings. Admin has a full control over which settings can be modified.


To allow settings to be modifiable, it has to be whitelisted in /etc/cl.selector/php.conf.


Here are some of the examples of allowed directives:


Directive = safe_mode
Default   = Off
Type      = bool
Remark    = <5.4.0
Comment   = Enables PHP safe mode. This mode puts a number of restrictions on scripts (say, access to file system) mainly 

for security reasons.


Directive = safe_mode_include_dir

Type      = value

Remark    = <5.4.0

Comment   = If PHP is in the safe mode and a script tries to access some files, files from this directory will bypass 

security (UID/GID) checks. The directory must also be in include_path. For example: /dir/inc



php.ini setting


Default value


bool, value (any text), list


list of values for list Type


explanation of the setting to display in UI


Default values, that are shown in PHP-Selector web interface, are taken from '/opt/alt/phpXX/usr/bin/php -i' runtime values, if

directive is not there, it will use 'default' value that was set in php.conf . So, if you wish to change default value of any option for

"alternative" php version, please modify /opt/alt/phpXX/etc/php.ini files (where XX = 55, 54, 53, etc according to php version).


Admin can modify the settings using selectorctl command.


Users can use web interface to modify php.ini settings: