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Utility to monitor MySQL usage. Requires db_governor to be running. It shows usage for the current, mid and long intervals.




-c                show one time user list (no interactive mode)

-r interval        refresh interval for interactive mode (in seconds)


Control keys:


z        toggle color mode and two-color mode

q                F10, Ctrl-c - quit program

u                sort table by username

c                sort table by cpu column

r                sort table by read column

w                sort table by write column

l                sort by restriction level

t                sort by time before restrictions will be lifted.


Control keys, that sort table, displays into header of table bold and underlined symbol.

Sorted field will be highlighted by *.

CAUSE field shows current stage, reason for restriction and number of seconds before restriction will be lifted:

Values of column 'CAUSE' - cause of restriction or freezing:

Possible stages: - - OK, 1 - Restriction 1, 2 - Restriction 2, 3 - Restriction 3, 4 -- restriction level 4


c - current (current value of parameter)

s - short (average value of 5 last values of parameter)

m - middle (average value of 15 last values of parameter)

l - long (average value of 30 last values of parameter)

and parameter which is cause of restriction

1/s:busy_time/12 - first level restricted account with short average restriction by busy_time with 12 seconds left before re-enabled.


Display fields:

cpu - number in %, shows cpu usage by user
read - number of bytes (kbytes, mbytes, gbytes) which user reads per second
write - number of bytes (kbytes, mbytes, gbytes) write user reads per second


Color conventions:

Accounts highlighted in red color means that the account is restricted.

Accounts highlighted in blue color are in cool down period




Command line parameters of dbtop utility:

-r - dbtop refresh period in seconds( dbtop -r12 )