Easy Apache 4

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Easy Apache 4

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Since cPanel and WHM version 66 provides ea-ruby24-mod_passenger (more information on the link), this allows creating Ruby applications with cPanel application manager.


CloudLinux already has Python and Ruby Selector, which allows creating applications with ea-apache24-mod-alt-passenger. However, it does not allow using cPanel application manager.


It is not correct to install both of those packages on the server because they contain the same passenger module for Apache web server.


The new ea-ruby24-mod_passenger is available for download from our updates-testing (beta) repository which allows you to run applications via cPanel application manager and CloudLinux Python and Ruby selector.


To install run:


# yum install lvemanager alt-python-virtualenv

# yum install ea-ruby24-mod_passenger --enablerepo=cl-ea4-testing


To install Ruby or Python Selector follow the instructions on the link.