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* Available only for x86_64, CL6 and Hybrid servers


Flashcache is a module originally written and released by Facebook(Mohan Srinivasan, Paul Saab and Vadim Tkachenko) in April of 2010. It is a kernel module that allows Writethrough caching of a drive on another drive. This is most often used for caching a rotational drive on a smaller solid-state drive for performance reasons. This gives you the speed of an SSD and the size of a standard rotational drive for recently cached files. Facebook originally wrote the module to speed up database I/O, but it is easily extended to any I/O.


To install on CL6 & Hybrid servers:


$ yum install flashcache


More info on flashcache: https://github.com/facebook/flashcache/


ArchLinux has a good page explaining how to use flashcache: