Installing on H-Sphere Server

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Installing on H-Sphere Server

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For H-Sphere 3.5+


[Please note, that CageFS and PHP Selector are not supported for H-Sphere]




  1. CloudLinux with liblve 0.8 or later.

  2. Apache 2.2.x or 1.3.

  3. mod_suexec should be enabled.


To achieve optimal performance, we recommend to convert from mod_fastcgi to mod_fcgid


Installing CloudLinux Enhancement


There is no need to install mod_hostinglimits -- it comes built in with H-Sphere. Once you load kernel from CloudLinux with liblve 0.8 or later -- it will get enabled.


You can check if LVE is enabled by running:


$ ps aux | grep httpd | grep DLIBLVE


If you see no output, it means that Apache didn't pick up LVE. Try checking file /hsphere/shared/scripts/


The following lines should be there:


if [ -e /usr/lib64/ -o -e /usr/lib/ ]; then


If those strings are absent, you should add it, after:




and before:


# this is used by perl module
if [ "$1" = 'show' ] ; then
  set | egrep "^APENV_"


strings. Restart Apache afterward.



* don't forget to convert from mod_fastcgi to mod_fcgid