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IP Reseller Partner UI

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To become CloudLinux reseller partner you should first register your account following this link: https://cln.cloudlinux.com/clweb/login.xhtml and contact us to apply for your access status.


Once you have got the reseller partner access, in IP Reseller Partner UI you can view and manage IP licenses, billing options, profile details. Here you can track your money balance, licenses count and licenses prices as well as using IP address search to find customers.


Server Section


As soon as you have added funds (See Billing Info/Add Funds below)  to your account you can immediately add new licenses for clients. To add license:


1. Enter IP address in Add IP License field, choose license type in pull-down menu (CloudLinx or KernelCare) and click Add license.


Servers sectionV2

2. To delete license click on recycle bin icon in front of the needed IP-address.


Billing Info/Add Funds


To add funds:


1. Click on Add Funds near your balance or go to Billing Info/Add Funds on the top of the starting page of your account.


2. Click Add to add credit card details, then enter funds amount and click TopUp or Process to Checkout to pay via PayPal.




When adding credit card details, you can also choose Auto add funds option - the funds amount you choose in pull down menu will be automatically added when your balance is below $100.


If you choose Auto repay, your card will be automatically charged when your balance becomes negative. Minimal charge is $20 (E.g. for balance -$15 - you'll be charged at $20, for balance -$134.2 - you'll be charged at $134.2).





Note: If your balance is shown as negative, it means that you have to deposit more funds.


API Section


CloudLinux and KernelCare IP licenses adding and removing is compatible with different hosting and domain management and billing systems and platforms. You can find comprehensive information on all possible CloudLinux modules and plugins APIs in API Section.




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You can edit your profile information by clicking on Profile section. Edit the necessary info and click Update Account.





Sub Accounts


To create and manage sub accounts choose Sub accounts tab - you will get to Sub Accounts Management page where all the sub accounts are displayed in the list.



To create a sub account click Add Sub Account. Fill the obligatory fields marked with the asterisk* and click Add Sub Account in the bottom of the window.




To edit a sub account click on the wrench icon, make changes and click Edit Sub Account in the bottom. All the fields are available for editing except the Login.




To remove a sub account click on recycle bin icon, enter login of a sub account to be removed and click Remove Sub Account.




To manage sub account keys/servers click on a proper sub account login - you will get to the sub account management page with two tabs: Keys and Servers.



Choose Keys tab to view Tokens and servers linked to them. Click drop-down arrow in front of a token to view linked servers list.


To create a new key click Create key. To remove a key or a server click on recycle bin icon in front of a proper item.



Choose Servers tab to view the list of all servers.