LiteSpeed support

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LiteSpeed support

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To enable PHP Selector with LiteSpeed Web Server follow PHP Selector installation guide, and then adjust following settings in LiteSpeed:


1.CloudLinux (Admin Console --> Configuration --> Server --> General): CageFS

2.Enable SuExec: Server--> General --> PHP SuEXEC --> Yes

3.Go to External App tab, the new lsphp_selector is here.


[Note that you can select any other application or create a custom one.]



4.The Command line should be /var/www/cgi-bin/cgi_wrapper/cloudlinux_wrapper on Plesk. For other control panels, Command line should be /usr/local/bin/lsphp.

Run On Start Up line must contain Yes or No.


For Plesk:




For other control panels:




5.Go to Script Handler tab. For required suffixes change the Handler Name to lsphp_selector.






* In order to use PHP Selector and custom php.ini, lsphp5 needs to be in SuEXEC non-daemon mode.


** Some PHP configurations require more memory for SuExec to work properly. If you are getting error 500 after switching suEXEC to non-daemon mode, try to increase Memory Soft Limit and Memory Hard Limit for external App to at least 650/800M.


*** If you have LiteSpeed installed not in standard location path, please create a symlink: 'ln -s /path/to/custom/lsws /usr/local/lsws' then run 'cagefsctl --setup-cl-selector'.