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To install please execute:


yum install lve-stats


To update:


yum update lve-stats


Settings of old lve-stats (ver. 0.x) are imported automatically on the first install/update of new lve-stats package.


SQLite database file is located in /var/lve/lvestats2.db, data from old lve-stats (ver. 0.x) are being migrated automatically in the background. Migrating process can last 2-8 hours (during this time lags are possible when admin is trying to check statistics, at the same time users will not be affected). Migrating the latest 30 days, SQLite DB stable migration is provided.


Currently new lve-stats supports all databases available in CloudLinux (except PosgreSQL for CL5).




If you have any problems after update, downgrade lve-stats2 to the previous stable version by running:


yum downgrade lve-stats


and contact CloudLinux support at


Note. You may need to rename *.rpmsave files to original ones in order to restore settings for old lve-stats (/etc/sysconfig/lvestats, /etc/sysconfig/cloudlinux-notify).