LVE Wrappers

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LVE Wrappers

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LVE Wrappers are the set of tools that allow system administrator to run various users, programs & daemons within Lightweight Virtual Environment. This allows system administrator to have control over system resources such program can have. Additionally it prevents misbehaving programs running within LVE to drain system resources and slow down or take down the whole system. The tools are provided by lve-wrappers RPM.


You can install them by running:


$ yum install lve-wrappers


Placing programs inside LVE


LVE Wrappers provide two tools for placing programs inside LVE: lve_wrapper and lve_suwrapper

/bin/lve_wrapper – can be used by any non-root user, as long as that user is in group lve (see /etc/groups file).




lve_wrapper <command_to_run>




$ lve_wrapper make install


The program will be executed within LVE with ID matching user's id.


/bin/lve_suwrapper – can be used by root user or any user in group lve (see /etc/groupsfile) to execute command within specified LVE




lve_suwrapper LVE_ID <command_to_run>




# lve_suwrapper 10000 /etc/init.d/postgresql start