Managing Servers

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Managing Servers

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Managing Servers


Click on Servers tab to get to Servers page where you can add, delete or manage your servers. Filter your servers by IP, activation key, etc. To delete server click on bin icon deletesign in front of the server you want to delete.




Note. When you remove a server, by clicking Remove server button, the notification appears saying that after deleting a server you will still be paying for license for this server. To delete unused licenses follow simple steps in Cancel Licenses section on this page below.




To manage KernelCare servers click on KernelCare keys tab.


To add new key enter Max Servers number, add description if needed and click Add. New key will be generated and will appear in the list below. In the Operations column four operations are available: Delete key deletesign, Edit key spanner, Add IP range addsign and Refresh refresh sign.