Mounting user’s home directory inside CageFS

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Mounting user’s home directory inside CageFS

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CageFS 6.1-1 (and later) has improved mounting user’s home directory that is applied for users with home directories like /home/user or /homeN/user (where N = 0,1,..9).


In such case, earlier versions of CageFS always mount user’s home directory to /home/user and create symlink /homeN -> /home when needed, so user’s home directory can be accessed both via /home/user and /homeN/user. This quirk leads to some rare incompatibilities between CageFS and other software (for example OpenCart), because real path of user’s home directory in CageFS and in real file system can differ.


New CageFS mounts user’s home directory in a way that its real path in CageFS is always the same as in real file system. Additionally, CageFS searches for symlinks like

/homeX -> /homeY and /homeX/user -> /homeY/user in real system and creates such symlinks in user’s CageFS when found.


This new mounting mode is enabled by default. You can switch to old mounting mode by executing the following commands:


# touch /etc/cagefs/

# cagefsctl --force-update

# cagefsctl --remount-all


Note. New mounting mode will be disabled automatically when "mounting base home directory" mode is enabled ("mount_basedir=1" setting in /etc/cagefs/cagefs.base.home.dirs file).