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MPM ITK Support

CloudLinux httpd RPM comes with MPM ITK built in. Yet, if you would like to build your own Apache, you need to apply our patch for MPM ITK


Download file:

Extract: apache2.2-mpm-itk-seculrelve12.patch

And apply this patch to your Apache source code.


When running MPM ITK, you should disable mod_hostinglimits. All the functionality needed by MPM ITK is already built into the patch.


Directives which can be used by Apache with ITK patch:


AssignUserID - uses ID as LVE ID

LVEErrorCodeITK - Error code to display on LVE error (508 by default)

LVERetryAfterITK - same as LVERetryAfter - respond with Retry-After header when LVE error 508 occurs

LVEId - ovverides id used for LVE ID instead of AssignUserID

LVEUser - overrides user to use to retrieve LVE ID, instead of AssignUserID