Options Tab

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Options Tab

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Choose Options tab to set user email notifications for resellers’ end users.


In LVE Faults email notifications section tick appropriate checkboxes to set the required type of notification.





Notify me on users faults - notify reseller when his users have exceeded limits.

Notify Customers - notify resellers’ end users when they have exceeded limits.

Notify me when I hit my limits - notify reseller when overall resource usage limits are reached.


In Faults to include section tick checkboxes to include particular limits to email notifications.




In Minimum number of Faults to notify section enter the number of faults required for the notification to be sent for reseller and customer. You can also set the reseller notification frequency.


Set the frequency of sending the reseller email notifications in Notify Reseller Every ... days/hours/minutes/seconds section.




Click Save Changes to apply changes.