Examples of Plugins

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Examples of Plugins

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Here is a practical example of a user plugin.




1. To trace specified file size changes. The name of file being traced must be specified in configuration file, which allows to change it without modifying the plugin itself. If file size has been changed, it has to be written as a message into our log. The name of log must be specified in configuration file as well.


2. File size must be checked with default interval (5 seconds), and log notification must be held once a minute (to avoid resource expend for possibly regular write).


3. System administrator must receive emails with file size at the moment the email was sent. These notifications must be sent even if the file size hasn’t been changed. Notification emails must be read periodicity from configuration file as well as sender/receiver emails .


As file size check, fixing the result and notification sending must be held with different periods, then it’s impossible to realize all the tasks by means of one plugin.

The fact that one minute (60 seconds) is multiple to 5 seconds doesn’t matter in this case, because default period can be changed in server’s configuration file, but the condition of fixing the result once a minute is a part of the specification, which can not be violated. In addition, notification email period is known in advance, as it is specified by user in configuration file.


That is why we realize 4 plugins: collector, analyzer, persistor and notifier.