Python and Ruby Selector Installation

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Python and Ruby Selector Installation

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Install a tools to create isolated Python environments and Passenger Apache module. For servers with EasyApache3:


yum install lvemanager alt-python-virtualenv alt-mod-passenger


with EasyApache4:


yum install lvemanager alt-python-virtualenv ea-apache24-mod-alt-passenger


To use Python Selector you should install alternative Python packages:


yum groupinstall alt-python


To use Ruby Selector install alternative Ruby packages:


yum groupinstall alt-ruby


To use MySQL database you should install alt-python27-devel package:


yum install alt-python27-devel


NOTE. After installation, please make sure that you have unmarked appropriate checkboxes in LVE Manager Options tab to show Ruby or Python App in web-interface.


Find the instructions on the link:


NOTE. Adding Python and Ruby modules requires executing permissions to gcc/make binaries. Please enable compilers in Compiler Access section of WHM, then run:


 cagefsctl --force-update