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Removing PHP Selector

It is not possible to remove PHP Selector from the system completely as it is an essential part of LVE Manager and CageFS packages. However, you can make PHP Selector unavailable for the users.


To do so, go to LVE Manager → PHP Selector and check Disabled as PHP Selector status. Doing so allows you to disable web-interface of the PHP Selector in the user interface but does not reset custom settings (choosing a version of PHP and modules).


To disable PHP Selector and make it has no effect on a PHP version on the sites, run the following command:


this command resets PHP versions to Native:


cagefsctl --cl-selector-reset-versions


this command resets PHP modules to Default:


cagefsctl --cl-selector-reset-modules



Note that these commands affect PHP version of your clients’ web sites.

Use them with caution as improper usage might cause your clients’ web sites down.