Reseller Interface

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Reseller Interface

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Reseller interface is designed to manage limits for resellers’ end users, to monitor statistics and the history of resource usage and to modify reseller’s end user packages limits.


Log in under a particular reseller credentials to have access to the following functionality:


Current Usage tab - allows to monitor resellers’ end users resource usage at the moment;

Historical Usage tab - allows to control resellers’ end users resource usage history;

Users tab with the list of all resellers’ end users allows to view and manage all the reseller’s end user limits;

Statistics tab displays the statistics of resource usage for particular timeframe or particular reseller's end user;

Options tab allows to set LVE Faults email notifications.

Packages tab allows to manage reseller’s end user packages limits.


Please note that reseller can manage all his end users via Reseller Interface. Reseller cannot manage INODE or MYSQL limits, neither his own nor for his users.