Server Processes Snapshots

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Server Processes Snapshots

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In case when a CloudLinux user hits LVE limits, appropriate faults are generated and lvestats package generates Server processes snapshot. Snapshot is a list of running applications and a list of running MySQL queries right after the faults happened.


Snapshots allow users to investigate the reason of account hitting its limits. Several snapshots are generated for each incident. An incident is a state when faults are generated in a close time period. The time period is configurable. By default, if faults are generated in 300 seconds time period, we consider them as a single incident.


The snapshot configuration options are available in




period_between_incidents = 300, by default, time in seconds

snapshots_per_minute = 2, by default, maximum number of snapshots per minute

max_snapshots_per_incident = 10, by default, maximum number of snapshots for an incident


To access Snapshots perform the following steps:


1. Go to cPanel interface, and select “CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage” in paper_latern theme:




2. Click the Snapshots in paper_latern theme:




3. Select a date:




4. Select an appropriate Snapshot in the combobox:





NOTE: The list of processes in a snapshot is close but not similar to the real processes list when faults were generated. It happens because of delay when the faults are happened and the snapshot is taken by the system.


The list of MySQL queries is an output of a query:


SELECT command, time, info FROM information_schema.processlist

WHERE user = '%username';