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SPEED Limits

[lve-utils 1.4+]


CPU SPEED limit allows to set CPU limit in terms of % of a single core, or as a fixed number of Hz.


--speed=XX% would set performance relative to one core. For example:


--speed=50% would mean 1/2 core.

--speed=100% would mean 1 core,

--speed=150% would mean 1.5 cores


--speed=XXmhz would automatically detect CPU speed of each core, and adjust the CPU scheduler to make sure user cannot go over that limit.


For example, on 1ghz CPU, setting of --speed=2ghz would mean 2 cores, while on 4ghz CPU same setting would mean 1/2 of a core.


This should allow hosting companies to set same approximate performance level limits across different hardware using single setting.



Note. We strongly recommend setting CPU speed limits        not less than 100%. As such limits cause CPU context switching which leads to increased %sys.