Uninstall OptimumCache

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Uninstall OptimumCache

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To uninstall OptimumCache run:


service optimumcache stop

occtl --delete-ploop


yum remove optimumcache


If available: reboot server


After the reboot pfcache= mount options will disappear by themselves.


For OptimumCache version prior 0.2-11, uninstalling via rpm package manager does not automatically removes away ploop image. That is because not always possible to unmount it properly due to kernel dependency. If there is no luck with unmounting ploop, then the server will have to be rebooted and will need to remove ploop files manually:


# rm /var/share/optimumcache/optimumcache.image

# rm /var/share/optimumcache/DiskDescriptor.xml

# rm /var/share/optimumcache/DiskDescriptor.xml.lck




# rm /path/to/ploop/image/file

# rm /path/to/ploop/image/DiskDescriptor.xml

# rm /path/to/ploop/image/DiskDescriptor.xml.lck


For OptimumCache version 0.2-11 and later, ploop image will be removed automatically during uninstall. If ploop unmount issue prevents doing that, ploop image clean up will be scheduled after next server reboot.


If uninstall OptimumCache process lasts for too long, please find the solution in Troubleshooting section of this document.