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User Message for PHP version

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Since version 1.0-4 LVE Manager acquired a feature of adding user messages to PHP versions*. To add a message, you should create a file in /opt/alt/phpXX/name_modifier with a message that you want to be shown to a user.


For example, if you need to add the following message "Don`t use this php version" to PHP version 4.4, you should create the following file:



echo 'Don`t use this php version' > /opt/alt/php44/name_modifier


As a result LVE Manager will automatically pick up this message and will show it in web-interface to administrator (Figure 1.1 for cPanel, Figure 1.2 for DirectAdmin) and to user (Figure 2.1 for cPanel, Figure 2.2 for DirectAdmin). You can add messages to other PHP versions this way as well.



Figure 1.1




Figure 1.2



Figure 2.1




Figure 2.2

*For cPanel and DirectAdmin only.