Users Tab

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Users Tab

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Choose Users tab to view the list of all users and manage their limits.


To filter the list by user type click Manage and in the drop-down choose:


End users -  to manage hosts end users only.

Resellers - to manage resellers only.

Reseller’s end users - to manage resellers’ end users only.

Reseller’s end users (no Reseller limits) - to manage resellers’ end users that do not have limits specified by reseller (these limits are specified by the hoster).


To filter the list by Username, Domain, LveID click Filter by and choose the value in the drop-down.


Note that a hoster can view the list of resellers’ end users and their limits, but can not manage resellers’ end users limits (if those are set by reseller).


A hoster can view the limits of all types of users and manage the limits for hosters’ end users and resellers’ end users (only those with Reseller Limits disabled).

Tick Show users with CageFS enabled to show users with CageFS file system enabled.

Tick Show only ignored users to show users with ignored MySQL Governor.




Actions column


Click on a pencil icon in Actions column to edit limits for a particular user. The following actions are available:


Enable/disable CageFS;

Reset - to reset limits to default values;

Apply Do not limit to set the limits to unlimited;

Setting the limits values:










oINODES (hard and soft) (for end users and resellers’ end users (with no Reseller Limits), if a hoster has enabled Initial quotas in cPanel settings).


Click Save to save changes or Cancel to close pop-up window.




Click on History icon to view the history of a particular user resource usage. Choose time frame to view the history for a particular time period.