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For the current release, installation from the ISO images is not available.


This is a beta version! We strongly don't recommend using it on the production servers!

To install the CloudLinux subsystem, run the following command:

apt install python3

No registration required! You can start working right after the installation.

Ubuntu2Cloudlinux explained

The script gives an opportunity to install CloudLinux Subsystem For Ubuntu. It is a simplier script compared to the CLdeploy script for CentOS and AlmaLinux. For example, it doesn't replace the Linux kernel, only adds a dynamic module to it. Here is a list of actions done by the ubuntu2cloudlinux:

  • It checks that you are running the latest available version of the script, and updates itself if necessary.
  • Upgrades all installed packages to the latest versions (unless the --skip-full-update option is passed).
  • Adds CloudLinux repositories for Ubuntu and a corresponding gpg key to your system.
  • Installs a minimum set of CloudLinux OS components: lve, kernel module kmodlve-dkms, lve-utils, lve-stats, alt-python.
  • Installs CloudLinux Manager (currently works with cPanel on Ubuntu).
  • Installs the mod_hostinglimits Apache module.
  • Asks you to manually reboot the system to load a new kernel module.