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CloudLinux subsystem on Ubuntu is a scope of deb-packages which allows using CloudLinux features on Ubuntu OS. It is a Stable version of a free extension designed exclusively for UbuntuĀ® 20.04 LTS users.

Supported version of Ubuntu

We support Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

CloudLinux OS editions comparison

FeaturesCloudLinux OS SoloCloudLinux OS AdminCloudLinux OS SharedCloudLinux OS Shared Pro
Maximum amount of hosting accounts15unlimitedunlimited
Resource Limits (LVE)No*Yes**YesYes
Cage FSYesYesYesYes
MySQL GovernorNoNoYesYes
PHP SelectorYesYesYesYes
Python/Node.js SelectorsYes***Yes***Yes***Yes***
Ruby SelectorNoYes***Yes***Yes***
Apache mod_lsapi PROYesYesYesYes
Website monitoring toolYesYesYesYes
Website monitoring alertsYesYesYesYes
Slow Site analyzerYesYesYesYes
PHP X-RayYesYesNoYes
Centralized MonitoringNoNoNoYes
Support 24/7YesYesYesYes

* Only inodes limits are available.

** Limits are disabled by default.

*** Python/Node.js/Ruby Selectors are available only for cPanel, DirectAdmin servers, and servers with custom panel with own integration.

Supported control panels

cPanel from v.102Yes
Other panelsYes
No control panelYes